Meet Our Team

Rector: Rev’d Angie Stanton

Hello, I’m Rev’d Angie.

I was appointed and licensed to be Priest-in-Charge of St Elisabeth’s in May 2008; it was my first parish, having finished my training, while serving as a priest in the parish of Atherton. I soon grew to enjoy Reddish, both the church folks and the people of the town, and still feel very settled here.

angieI’m not local, I was born in Preston, so I’m a Lancashire Lass, and had a very happy time at school there. I’m the eldest of 5 children, we were all good at sports, and sport remains one of my passions – sadly now I watch more than I play – netball, football, cricket, tennis, rugby and athletics. I’m a Liverpool fan – yes, even around here.The job of being parish priest is both diverse and busy; I love being involved with all the people who come to church, and it’s a wonderful privilege to be invited into the lives and homes of so many local families at important times of celebration or loss.

When I have a chance, I love to go walking, especially on beaches and cliffs, and to develop the garden I have been creating for a few years. I’m not really a pet lover, I prefer wild animals and birds, and can spend very peaceful moments watching them. I live with Sian, and after 10 years together we celebrated our Civil Partnership on a very happy day in August 2011.

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Phone: 0161 432 3033

Twitter: @RevStanton


Assistant Curate: Rev’d Alison Mitchell

Hi, I’m Rev Alison, the SSM at St Elisabeth’s


I have just been ordained Priest, having served my first year of curacy as Deacon at St Elisabeth’s, following three years training in mission and ministry. I did this as well as working full-time as an early year’s teacher. Teaching is what I have done all of my working life, it is a job I enjoy very much, and a job which I feel will benefit my ministry using a lot of the skills I have acquired. I am stopping teaching, in the summer, to give myself time to settle into and learn about ministry. Children’s work and families will become a focus of my ministry.

I grew up in Gorton and moved across the border into Reddish 20 years ago. I think you could call me local with a good understanding of the area! I live with my husband Tony, who is also the Church warden here at St Elisabeth’s. I like to play the guitar, I enjoy going on holidays, especially to warm, sunny places by the sea.  I also love socialising, chatting and catching up with friends.

I am looking forward to the next part of this journey, getting to know lots of new faces and serving you in Reddish.

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Phone: 07540 792409

Twitter: @revdalison


Authorised Lay Minister: Elaine Peacock


Hi, I’m Elaine Peacock and I am an Authorised Lay Minister at St Elisabeth’s Church, having trained in 2014 . My role is Pastoral,  I co-ordinate the visiting team in conjunction with Common Ground, the Re:Dish visiting group. We visit the lonely, the not so young and the housebound, we have referrals from organisations such as AGE UK, NHS and other Churches.

We also visit a local nursing home and a local intermediate care home. I am also trained as a Spiritual Companion, taking the course in 2009/2010.

I am married to Graham, and we have 2 children and 2 grandsons. I enjoy cooking and baking, holidays, and sharing time with my family.

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Phone: 0161 292 5943