Iyengar Yoga at St. Elisabeth’s Church

Iyengar Yoga at St. Elisabeth’s Church 7:30 – 8:45pm

Why Yoga?

It’s fun, stimulating, energising and helps to restore strength and stamina to the whole body.

But I’m not flexible enough!

Don’t worry. Yoga will help you improve your flexibility and Iyengar Yoga is unique as we use props to help achieve the postures.  Iyengar Yoga is for everyone! it doesn’t matter what age, gender, religion or what your fitness levels are. Even if you think you are really stiff or inflexible, Iyengar Yoga can change this, increasing your flexibility and your long term well being.

What happens at Iyengar Yoga?

You will be introduced to the basic asanas, (postures) they include standing, seated, twisting and restorative postures amongst other. They all have different effects on the mind and body but will improve overall health and improve concentration.

Okay, what do I do now?

Just turn up every Monday for 7:30p (enter via the Tower Door), wearing comfortable clothing that lets you move around. We practice in bare feet and you might want to bring a blanket for relaxation at the end of the class.

Do not eat before an Iyengar yoga class; leave a gap of 2-3 hours before your last snack or 4 hours after a heavy meal, even if you feel hungry.  One last thing is to always tell your teacher if you are injured or feeling unwell your teacher can change postures just for you.

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The cost is £5 per session and are led by trained instructor Clare.

If you have any questions, you can contact Clare directly on 07909 960 599. For more information about Iyengar Yoga click here.