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Current Appeal: Making St. Elisabeth’s Accessible for All

We are currently fundraising for a number of improvements for St Elisabeth’s that will not only improve the Church for regular attendees but also increase the use of the Church and help to ensure that this amazing building is still standing in years to come. A Grade I listed church is a blessing, but the upkeep is very expensive and we are always looking for ways we can use the Church building to raise funds. 

If you would like to support tour fundraising by becoming a Regular Donor, please contact Rev. Angie directly.

Alternatively, please click on the paypal logo below to donate to our current appeal.

The Ramp 

We are planning a permanent ‘access ramp’ at the main entrance to the church. This will replace the current temporary, portable ramps that are quite steep, heavy and cumbersome for people to move, and are also damaging the steps and tiles in the entrance.Because St. Elisabeth’s is a Grade I listed building, this addition will cost £15,000. So far we have raised £4,000 towards this and we are continuing to apply for grant funding to help us achieve this goal. The ramp will help people of all ages access the church to attend one of our services or one of the many community groups that are based in our beautiful building.

The Pews

We are currently in discussions regarding how to make St Elisabeth’s a more flexible space. Our pews are not original to the Church, and some of them have seen better days. As such we are also raising money to install chairs in the church to compliment the architecture and grandeur of our magnificent building.

Sound and Lighting

We recognise that for anyone who comes into our Church, being able to see and hear is essential. We are also raising funds to improve the lighting and sound we have in church.


We are also getting WiFi installed in the church but as I am sure you can imagine this is no easy feat in a church like St. Elisabeth’s.

Fundraising News 

Christian Aid Week 2015

Thank you to everyone who supported our Christian Aid Week Appeal.

£97.12 was raised and has been sent off to the charity to help transform lives.

For more information about the work of Christian Aid, visit their website.



On Saturday 18th April, St Elisabeth’s was thrilled to host The Monday Mondays, a contemporary pop choir jazz choir, for a charity concert in aid of Re:dish.

The concert raised nearly £700 for the local charity group, which will contribute towards helping people all across Reddish.

NB: if the access ramp appeal should exceed the target amount, or the contingency should not be needed, the excess money will be put into a ‘general fund’ which will be used in the future when funds are needed for something else at St Elisabeth’s (subject to agreement by the PCC).