St. Elisabeth’s Annual Church Elections 2015

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Each year a number of positions of responsibility have to be elected at St. Elisabeth’s. On Sunday 19th April we held our AGM, where a number of pressing matters where discussed and the relevant elections were held.

Below are the results of the election.

The following people were recently elected at the St. Elisabeth’s AGM. 


Roy Todd and Tony Rivron

Parochial Church Council

Jerry Cifford, Alison Mitchell, Terry Morley, Molly Jones, Petra Meier, Margaret Leeson, Lily Axworthy, Suzanne Major, Brenda Dixon, Olga Shipperbottom, Elaine Peacock and Pam Jewsbury.


Margaret Leeson, Joan Steans, Brian Daly, Molly Jones, Peter Doyle, Doreen Litchfield, Ann Irving, Joan Edwards, Shiela Rothwell and Jerry Clifford.

It was also agreed that Katie Butler would become St. Elisabeth’s second Deanery Synod Representative. 

At the 1st Meeting of the PCC for 2015/2016, the following Church Officials were appointed: 

Chairperson: Rev. Angie Stanton

Vice Chair: Jerry Clifford

Secretary: Katie Butler

Treasurer: Tony Rivron

Electoral Roll Officer: Suzanne Major

The meeting also voted in favour of co-opting Deanery Synod Rep, Katie Butler, onto the PCC as well as endorsing the following peoples as Deputy Wardens:

Terry Morley and Graham Peacock.